Together, we can raise human consciousness.

Orange, CA | August 16-17, 2024


Quantum Academy is a group coaching program started by Sabastian Enges in 2021 to bring like-minded individuals together who are seeking to level up their lives.

We focus on The Big Three: Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

After coaching multimillionaires and developing sales experts into business owners for over a decade, Sabastian noticed the underlying cause of unhappiness in all people, regardless of their income level or expertise.

Every person he coached struggled in at least one of The Big Three.


Healthy habits lead to a happy life. From bio-hacking ideas to regular exercise and self-care, taking care of your body and mind is essential for your overall well-being.


Whether you're saving up for a dream vacation, paying off debt, or investing in your future, managing your money effectively is key. Get your finances in order and achieve your goals!


Strong relationships are built on love, trust, and communication. Whether you're in a long-term partnership, starting a new romance, or cultivating meaningful friendships, it's important to prioritize your connections with others.

August 2024 Speakers

Sabastian Enges

CEO & Founder Fenix Consulting Group

Jessenia Nozzolillo

The Soul Architect

Matt Riemann

Health Futurist

Stefanos Sifandos

Relationship Coach


The Aspiring Entrepreneur: A woman dreams of starting her own business but remains stuck in the corporate grind, unable to believe in herself enough to pursue her true desires.

The Generous Man: A man gives more than he receives, so he’s grown bitter and is ruining his chances of acquiring wealth and maintaining meaningful connections with the people he’s given so much to.

The Student: A college student drowns in debt and struggles to hold down a job, trapped in an endless cycle of dead-end jobs that barely pay the bills, preventing them from becoming debt-free so they can move to the next chapter in their lives.


The Devoted Father: A dad dedicates himself to raising his children at the expense of his own health, significantly shortening his life expectancy and jeopardizing his ability to witness children grow into who they were always meant to be.

The Plus-Size Girl: A girl has never felt confident due to internalizing the hurtful comments made by her peers and family regarding her weight, so she’s unable to embrace who she truly is.

The Depressed Sibling: An eldest sibling, whose mental health was neglected growing up, continues to see themselves as an afterthought, prioritizing everyone else over their own well-being.


The Single Mother: A single mother struggles to raise her boys while navigating her unstable relationships with men, ensuring her sons never grow up with a stable father figure.

The Wealthy Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur, despite immense wealth, remains deeply unhappy due to his inability to maintain his friendships.

The Fighting Couple: A couple once deeply in love cannot stop fighting since the stress of their stacking bills has ruined their relationship.


Real Students. Real Experiences. Listen to their Full Testimonials from our event in February 2024.

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A Message from Sabastian Enges

Frequently Ask Questions

Where is the event located?

The event is located in Orange, CA. At our Headquarters: 333 City Boulevard West, Orange, CA 92868

Who is the event for?

The intent of this event is to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, and everyone in between who are looking to level up their lives.

Who will be speaking?

Sabastian Enges + special guests will be tackling the BIG THREE.

How can I buy tickets and what form of payment is accepted?

You can purchase tickets directly on this landing page. We use Stripe, which is an authorized merchant account to process payment. You can use Apple Pay or Credit card.

Can I purchase my ticket onsite the day of the event?

Due to the limited number of seats, we will not be selling tickets on the day of the event. 

Is there a deadline for registration?

Yes, the deadline to purchase your ticket is August 3rd, 2024.

Do you offer any kind of discount?

Discounts are offered to active Quantum Academy Group Coaching students as well as our Patreon Community. If you are part of our communities and are interested in joining us for our in-person event, please email us at to receive your discount codes.

Is there dresscode?

Business casual

I am coming from out of state, what airport should I fly into?

Attendees are responsible for their travel arrangements. If flying, please arrange for your flight to arrive and depart to/from John Wayne Airport: 18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, CA | (949) 252-5200


to/from Los Angeles International Airport1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045  | (855) 463-5252

Please check out both to find a flight that best suits your needs. Attendees are responsible for the costs of all flights and/or transportation.

Are there any recommended hotels or accommodations nearby?

Attendees are responsible for their hotel accommodations. We recommend booking at the Hotel Fera by Hilton  100 The City Dr N, Orange, CA 92868

What is your refund policy?

If any circumstances arise and you are unable to attend the event, we will refund you. Seeing that we are hosting a limited and intimate event, the sooner you let us know the better (so we can allow for other attendees to purchase tickets.) Please reach out to us immediately at


August 16-17, 2024